CBD for PSTD: Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

An Overview In PTSD

PTSD is Post-traumatic stress disorder, which is also commonly referred to as shell shock or battle fatigue. Those who suffer from PTSD tend to experience symptoms such as flashbacks and nightmares of past negative experiences.

People who suffer from this condition would have feelings of fear, helplessness, and horror which are a result of past experiences. This condition can affect their daily life. This is why treatment is important and should be done right away. As CBD for PTSD has become available, more and more people are opting for CBD to deal with their PTSD.

Can CBD be Used for PTSD?

Some people use CBD as an antipsychotic drug as it does not cause impairment to the individual’s cognitive functions or motor skills. This means that those who suffer from PTSD can still function and go about their daily lives without any issues.

CBD for PTSD is a good choice because it can help calm the individual down. Some of the symptoms treated by this product include insomnia, restlessness, chronic nerve pain, and muscle spasms.

Some people claim that CBD is effective because it can manage anxiety. There may be no specific cure for PTSD. But through CBD treatment, the symptoms may be reduced.

Cannabidiol can interact with the endocannabinoid system in the human body. The interaction of CBD with this endogenous biological network can help in managing anxiety. It helps in promoting relaxation, sleep, pain relief, and appetite stimulation.

There are already studies that support the idea behind this. And it is believed that through these interactions, CBD can regulate and balance neurotransmitter levels such as serotonin and glutamate in the brain.

Benefits of Using CBD for PTSD

CBD can provide a lot of benefits to people suffering from this condition. Among these benefits include:

  • Balanced moods and emotions.
  • Productivity in work even with PTSD symptoms present.
  • Lessening of daily stress for people who are under this condition.
  • Managing anxiety through its interaction with the endocannabinoid system.

Managing the symptoms of PTSD can help one get back to their normal self without the feeling of fear or worries. This will only be achieved if they take the right dose and CBD product.

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What is the Best CBD Dose for PTSD

The dose that will work well for a person may vary. Some people may need higher doses of CBD oil while others can get results at the minimum dose. It also greatly depends on the product being used.

The dosage of CBD can be taken through oral drops, vaporized oil, capsules, or even edibles. The usual dosage is around 25mg to 100 mg per day depending on various factors such as age and severity of symptoms.

To get the best results from using CBD oil it is advised to take the proper dosage. There are different products available in the market that can be taken depending on how it works for you or your symptoms.

Also, consulting your doctor will help you a lot as they can guide you on the right dosage that will work for your condition.

THC or CBD for PTSD?

There are products for PTSD that contain THC. And there are also those containing CBD only. It is best to look for products that will help you manage your symptoms without getting high or experiencing side effects of THC.

Keep in mind that THC can give that “high” feeling which can also lead to addiction. This can make you feel depressed in the future when you try to quit it.

If you are considering using CBD, choose a product that contains zero THC or one that is very low. There are already products available in the market today with this feature.

CBD products without THC will give the users a better feeling when they wake up in the morning. They will also be more productive at work without the feeling of experiencing stress and depression.

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Which CBD Products are Effective for PTSD?

There are many CBD products that you can find in the market. You can choose from CBD oils, capsules, gummies, and others. There are also a lot of brands to choose from. But if you have to choose a specific CBD product, it is best to choose the one that you will be most comfortable using.

If you are not comfortable taking edible CBD products, then you can go for products that can be applied to the skin like sleep oils and bath salts. These will also work best for the treatment of your condition.

Keep in mind that the efficiency of the product will rely on how you use it. Make sure that you use the product correctly and in the right dose. In case CBD products do not work well for your condition, you can find other alternatives to try. There are other natural treatment options you can check on like yoga or even medications prescribed by your doctor.

In Conclusion

CBD for PTSD helps people who suffer from this condition. It is still relatively new and it may take years before there are more studies about its effects on PTSD. However, some evidence suggests that CBD can help relieve some of the symptoms of PTSD and even prevent it from developing in the first place.

And with the proper dosage of CBD, can help manage stress, anxiety, and depression. It also reduces nightmares or insomnia caused by the condition. Treatment of PTSD through CBD use is a promising step in getting rid of the condition.

You can find lots of CBD products that will fit your needs. Do your research on the product first to ensure that you are taking the right dosage and also the product that works well for you.

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