Purple Afghani Kush: Cannabis Strain Reviews & Information


Purple Afghani Kush marijuana strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with an aroma of piney, musky earthiness. The taste has the same earthy flavor but with subtle hints of fruit and lemon. This plant was bred to be an energetic, euphoric smoke that will leave you feeling uplifted and satisfied. It’s perfect for daytime use because it doesn’t cause couch lock or lead to laziness. Purple Afghani Kush cannabis strain is well-suited for people who need help fighting depression or mood swings due to its ability to elevate your spirits without leaving you in a state of confusion or sedation after smoking it as other strains might do.

Purple Afghani Weed Strain Description

Purple Afghani Kush is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. It offers an outstanding combination of great flavor, high THC levels, and excellent overall quality. This strain tastes delicious thanks to its fruity, musky notes and pungent earthy flavors that linger long after you smoke it. Stoners love this particular variety because its energetic effects are uplifting without inducing sluggishness or laziness like other heavy indica strains tend to do. When smoking Purple Afghani Kush, you’ll be able to balance your moods throughout the day while still having plenty of energy left for taking on projects, working out, or even getting some work done around the house.

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As its name implies, the Purple Afghani Kush marijuana strain has origins in Afghanistan. However, it wasn’t bred there but rather in the mountains of Northern California. The exact genetics are unknown other than being a cross between two different landrace strains from that area, one of which is the supposedly Hindu Kush. The Purple Afghani plant produces THC levels up to 20%, which is extremely high for recreational smoke and about average for medical-grade cannabis strains, making it perfect for treating depression or mood swings without worrying about feeling too stoned afterward. Although the Purple Afghani Strain does contain some sativa genes, you might feel more energetic after smoking it, even though most users will ultimately experience a euphoric state of mind.

Scent and Flavor

Purple Afghani smells like pine with subtle hints of lemon. It has a musky, earthy flavor with citrus flavors that linger on the tongue even after it’s smoked.

Plant Appearance

Purple Afghani Kush has light green buds with dark purple spots all over its surface. This strain typically grows to medium heights of about 3 feet outdoors and tends to be bushy in appearance.

Purple Afghani Kush Marijuana Strain Effects on users

Potential Medical Benefits

The Purple Afghani strain is perfect for treating emotional or mental conditions such as depression, mood swings, stress, or feelings of anxiousness that are brought about by lack of energy. It works quickly to bring you out of your funk and improve your outlook on life within minutes after you smoke it. It has also been known to help people with ADD or ADHD focus better so they can be more productive accomplishments in their daily lives.

Purple Afghani Kush strains have an average THC level between 15%-20%. This high concentration offers significant relief from physical pain caused by arthritis, headaches, nausea, and general inflammation. This bud is also helpful for loss of appetite and irritable bowel syndrome because it stimulates the digestive system and gets rid of cramps and tightness after eating. It can even help deal with more serious digestive problems such as Crohn’s Disease and irritable bowel, which tend to cause constant discomfort that inhibits daily life.

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The Downside

When smoked in low doses, this cannabis causes users dry mouth and eyes, so make sure to have something on hand to drink and eat. It’s also common for this strain to cause dizziness, headaches, or paranoia, making it not a good choice for novice smokers.

How to Consume?

Purple Afghani Kush is best used in a vaporizer because the taste is subtle enough to preserve the flavor while still being potent enough to provide an uplifting high with euphoric effects that will leave you feeling happy and uplifted without feeling too high afterward. You can also smoke this strain using traditional methods if you prefer smoking over vaping but keep in mind that its effects are not as strong as they would be when consumed via vaping, so you might feel more stoned afterward. However, some people prefer smoking over vaping since it’s considered a more traditional way of consuming cannabis.

Growing Purple Afghani Kush Marijuana Strain

Purple Afghani Kush is an easy plant to grow. It grows short and bushy with dark green leaves that have slightly purple ends when growing outdoors in its native environment, which tends to be more humid than they are dry. The purple afghani plant can also be grown indoors, but you’ll want to ensure that there is enough space for it because the buds tend to grow quite large when this strain is cultivated in artificially lit environments due to its genetics being mostly indica in nature.

If you’re cultivating your own pot plants, then Purple Afghani Kush seeds are available online from many different seedbanks located all around the world. You can germinate these cannabis seeds by placing them between two wet paper towels inside a closed glass container. After about 3-5 days, the seeds should have a white root growing from them which means that your plant is now strong enough to be planted into its own pot or container. The seeds can now be transferred to pots full of soil and watered twice daily by drip irrigation until the purple afghani kush starts growing leaves after about two weeks.

Once your plant has developed flowers, you can begin harvesting them as early as September, depending on where you live and what season it is because certain geographical locations experience their own varying climates throughout the year. Harvesting the Purple Afghani Plant typically involves cutting off the entire stem just above where the flowers start protruding from it and then hanging those stems upside down for about 10-14 days so that all excess water evaporates before taking those buds and pressing them between the palms of your hands to squeeze out any excess water, allowing the buds to dry at room temperature indoors after that step.

You can either harvest the entire crop when the buds are all fully developed (usually around late September, depending on where you live in the world) or wait until about half of them have turned brown and then remove these buds from their stems in order to save them for later use while harvesting the rest of your plants when they’re ready. The longer you wait to harvest your purple afghani plant, the more potent it becomes, but there is a point of diminishing returns where it just becomes too much effort for not enough pay off, so keep that in mind when deciding how long you want to keep your particular strain’s harvest hanging before finally taking it down.

Bottom Line: Is Purple Afghani Weed Strain For You?

If you’re in the market for a new strain, why not try Purple Afghani Kush? This hybrid is great for those who are looking to unwind after work or want to enjoy stress-free evenings at home. It’s also perfect if you have issues with insomnia and need something that will help put your mind at ease. With its sweet flavor profile and smooth smoke, there doesn’t seem to be anything this purple beauty can’t do! Have you tried the purple afghani kush yet? Let us know what type of experience you had by commenting below.

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